Why We Needed To Do This

IronHeart Bloodworks is a new blood bank membership that gives you control over your blood choices during medical procedures. When you need it, IronHeart Bloodworks quickly sends you COVID-19-unvaccinated blood – a unique service in the healthcare industry. 

You should have the freedom to choose what blood is in your body.


We provide two options for our clients. First, a personalized service that allows you to donate, store and utilize your own blood or other COVID-19-unvaccinated blood when needed. Our clients have access to exclusive blood banks, where only unvaccinated blood from carefully screened donors is stored.

We're committed to the highest quality and safety standards for our blood products. All donations are subject to a comprehensive double-testing procedure -- guaranteeing the reliability of the blood.

We emphasize data security and integrity. Our dual storage system combines cloud storage with a closed-loop computer system, ensuring optimal protection against external threats or data tampering.

Take control over your blood choices today.